The Four Kingdoms Saga

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The Summerlark Elf
By Brandon Draga

"...Draga likes to mess with traditional stuff like Orcs and wizards and black conspiracies, but he has just enough creativity to make it his own."

- Caleb Hill, Acerbic Writing

"3 out of 4 stars...a light read for anyone who loves fantasy and can’t get enough of it."

- Norma Rudolph, Online Book Club

"...Draga does a stellar job of mixing likeable characters with shady scoundrels that become unlikely heroes... I cannot wait for the second book."

- Stephen Fisher, Readers' Favorite


Enna Summerlark has spent her entire life as a farmer's daughter in the kingdom of Hallowspire, paying little mind to anything past what to sell at the next market day. When the next market day comes, however, strange events take place that will reunite her with an old friend, bring her into the world of a pair of sell-swords, and reveal a secret that will change Hallowspire forever, and cause ripples across the whole of the Four Kingdoms.

The first book in "The Four Kingdoms Saga", The Summerlark Elf introduces readers to compelling characters in an engaging world of swords and sorcery, personal turmoil and political intrigue!

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The Council of Tymenthia (The Four Kingdoms Saga Book 3)

War has erupted in the Four Kingdoms. Queen Merrian of Lohvast is finally making good on her dark designs for neighbouring Hallowspire, and as Enna, Erasmus, O'doc, and Falken return from the Dwarven Thaneships, the disappearance of O'doc's aunt finds the group unwittingly pulled into the middle of the conflict. Seeking allies among the shadows of their pasts, the companions make their way to the kingdoms where their journey together first began, only to be suddenly ripped apart! Vanishing without a trace, Enna and Erasmus find themselves faced with long sought-after answers, all while trying to find their way back home, where O'doc must pick up the pieces of their mission.

With higher stakes, more action, and surprises at every turn, book 3 of The Four Kingdoms Saga opens up the world around Enna Summerlark and her friends in ways that will be as unexpected to the reader as they will be to their favourite characters!

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Other projects

Dragon in the Doghouse
By Brandon Draga

What would you do if you awoke one morning to find a great White Dragon had taken roost in your backyard, scaly little kobolds had begun eating all the food in your kitchen, and a powerful old Lich had decided to wash his robes in your laundry room?

What would you do if it didn't look like they planned on leaving?

In Dragon in the Doghouse, a young boy finds out when he awakens one morning to find his house overrun by all sorts of wild fantasy creatures. Filled with silly situations, fun illustrations, and enough monsters to write a manual, Dragon in the Doghouse is an adventure that both kids and parents will love.

Dwarves of the World
By Pat Flewwelling, Lisa Toohey, Dale R. Long, Clay Greene, Brenda Carre, Brandon Draga, Nicholas Jennings, Vincent Justin Mitra, Sherry Peters

The Dwarves of the World bundle provides 9 fantastic short stories from 9 talented authors that explore the myths and corresponding mythology about dwarves and dwarf culture. Each story deals with a different aspect of dwarf culture and a different set of dwarves with personalities and situations as unique as the humans you meet every day. 

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“Emulating the critically acclaimed Terry Brooks, Brandon Draga delivers a masterpiece with his use of cliffhangers that literally leaves you hanging as he switches between each different adventure of the separated parties. All of his characters are well developed, diverse, and full of surprises at every turn. The timing of some of his character’s one-liner, anecdotes are guaranteed to have you chuckling out loud. Leaving no stone upturned, The Missing Thane’s War has everything you could ever ask for in an epic fantasy adventure. Get ready for an emotional roller coaster ride!”

- Stephen Fisher, Readers Favorite

For all her life, Enna Summerlark assumed she was a farmer's daughter and nothing more. A whirlwind of events changed that, causing her to leave everything she knew in search of a past she didn't know she had. Alongside her new friends, the dwarf merchant Adrik and the sell-swords O'Doc and Erasmus, the young elf travels to the city of East Fellowdale in search of answers.

The companions' quest hits a sudden snag, however, when Adrik mysteriously vanishes. Now the remaining friends must place their trust in unlikely allies, face ghosts of their pasts, and delve straight into turmoil if they are to discover Adrik's fate.

The follow-up to the critically-acclaimed The Summerlark Elf, The Missing Thane's War continues to build upon The Four Kingdoms, raising the stakes for the world at large and its inhabitants alike!

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Collapse of Kingdoms (The Four Kingdoms Saga Book 4)

After months of searching for the secrets of her past, Enna Summerlark has finally found the answers she sought. In doing so, however, she has unwittingly helped to throw the world into complete chaos. 
With the Praetor of the Council of Tymenthia dead, a centuries-old spell keeping arcana in check across Olhéan is broken, stripping arcanists of their powers, and freeing the demon Nebalsus from Its prison. Enna and Erasmus find themselves stranded on the continent of Shahtyr, trying to find a way home to undo the damage that has been wrought. 
Half a world away, O’doc and Odonwa struggle to make sense of a world suddenly turned upside-down, with no explanation as to why. With their search for their missing friends at a stalemate, the halflings embark on a search for their aunt Caliope, unaware that the war between Lohvast and Hallowspire is only just beginning, and that a nascent traitor may be in their midst. 
With Enna and her friends torn apart, and the fate of the entire world hanging precariously in the balance, Collapse of Kingdoms raises the stakes to their highest, offering up the thrilling conclusion to the Four Kingdoms Saga




Brave New Girls: Stories of Girls Who Science and Scheme
By Mary Fan, George Ebey, T. Eric Bakutis, Steph Bennion, Elisha Betts, Bryna Butler, MLD Curelas, Kay Dominguez, Brandon Draga, A.A. Jankiewicz, Evangeline Jennings, Jamie Krakover, Jeanne Kramer-Smyth, Stephen Landry, Karissa Laurel, Michelle Leonard, Meg Merriet, Jelani-Akin Parham, Josh Pritchett, Holly Schofield, Lisa Toohey

Dive into a universe of sci-fi wonders.

This collection of sci-fi shorts features a variety of brainy young heroines—girls who engineer, tinker, experiment, and more. Voyage to far-off galaxies with girls who use their science savvy to fix rovers, rescue friends, and protect alien critters. Visit steampunk realms where young ladies put their skills to the test building mechanical wonders and solving mysteries. Trek across sci-fi landscapes with girls who save androids and repair robots. Journey to post-apocalyptic futures where heroines use their tech know-how to bring down overlords and spread the most dangerous thing of all… knowledge. And drop in on a few near-future heroines who use their smarts to take down supervillains and bring a little more understanding into the world.

Proceeds from sales of this anthology will be donated to a scholarship fund through the Society of Women Engineers. Let’s show today’s girls that they, too, can be tomorrow’s inventors, programmers, scientists, and more.

Art of War: Anthology for Charity
By Petros Triantafyllou, Mark Lawrence, Ed Greenwood, Brian Staveley, Miles Cameron, John Gwynne, Sebastien de Castell, Mitchell Hogan, Stan Nicholls, Andrew Rowe